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NCQA’s Data Aggregator Validation (DAV) Program


July 26, 2022 – PRESS RELEASE

QMetrics serves as Validator for the 4th Cohort of NCQA’s Data Aggregator Validation (DAV) Program

Over 20 organizations across the country have completed the DAV Program since its launch in Summer 2021.  New organizations are participating in Cohort 4, which started July 25, 2022.

The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) and QMetrics have kicked off Cohort 4 of the DAV Program with 26 participants from various states across the country, Several of which are returning. Cohort 4 provides an exciting mix of participants including new organizations coming through for the first time, organizations returning for re-validation and introducing new data streams, and organizations joining as Data Partners who support participants.  Data Partners achieve a status of Certified for specific standards in the DAV program that aid participants in achieving Validation.  Organizations are required to be re-validated annually to ensure processes and data integrity are maintained for data to be shared for use as standard supplemental data for HEDIS®.
 “NCQA is excited to mark the one-year anniversary, and fourth participant cohort, of its Data Aggregator Validation program. We appreciate the work of all organizations involved in this program and the effort to bring more trust, comparability and utility to clinical data streams for use in HEDIS and beyond,” said Wendy Talbot, NCQA AVP Measure Collection and Audit.
The two-fold goal of the DAV Program is to increase interoperability in quality reporting and decrease the provider burden of manual data collection. As a result of the program, health plans have increased access to reliable standard HEDIS supplemental data and providers can anticipate lessened administrative burden.
QMetrics previously served as the Validator for Cohorts 1 and 2 which aligned with the HEDIS supplemental data deadline for Measurement Year 2021 reporting. Cohort 3 concluded earlier this month, and along with cohort 4, will meet the HEDIS supplemental data deadline for Measurement Year 2022 reporting. The fifth cohort of the DAV program will begin in January 2023. Contact NCQA to apply.
Since the pilot phase of the program, QMetrics has collaborated closely with NCQA to develop and solidify the program protocols, standards, and primary source verification (PSV) methodology to review and evaluate all primary data sources used in data outputs. DAV is the first program in the country to validate data streams shared between Electronic Health Records (EHRs), data aggregators, and third-party recipients (e.g., health plans).
“We continue to see great interest in growth in the DAV program. The cohort starting in July will be the largest with 26 organization coming through validation,” said Suzan Mora Dalen, CEO and founder of QMetrics. “Refinements to the program continue to be made as more insights are gained as we evaluate the inner-workings and challenges of data exchange. Several participating organizations have acknowledged the DAV program as being key to driving internal process improvement where data quality is now the focus on everyone’s role. Each organization has dedicated a substantial amount of time and resources to completing the program and continue to demonstrate their commitment to increasing data quality.”
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About QMetrics
QMetrics is an audit and consultancy firm founded in 2006 by HEDIS auditor Suzan Mora Dalen, MPA, CHCA, and is co-led with Chief Health Economist Jim Dalen, MA. The organization brings extensive experience in health care and focuses on consulting in the areas of Data Aggregator Validation & Audits, Timely Access Surveys, Value-Based Reporting and Quality Measurement, Regulatory and Compliance, Advanced Data Analytics, and Encounter Data Evaluation. More information can be obtained at or by emailing


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