Provider Appointment Availability Surveys (PAAS)

QMetrics has served as both an external validator and survey administrator since the implementation of the Department of Managed Health Care (DMHC) requirements (All Plan Letter dated February 13, 2017 and subsequently updated April 7, 2017).

We have experience in all modes of survey fielding required by DMHC and been an active participant in timely access workgroups and meetings. We strive to work with key stakeholders to fully adhere to the methodology, provide recommendations for improvements to the methodology and tools, and give a voice for our clients’ questions and concerns.

PAAS Administration

  • Reached out to more than 40,000 providers via fax, email, and telephone across single and multi-network health plans with up to 50 counties since MY 2017.
  • Dedicated call center partner with live agent interactions to perform all telephonic outbound calls and follow-up.
  • Domestically based Call Center

PAAS Validation

  • Our validation staff includes current and former Certified HEDIS® Compliance Auditors (CHCA) with more than 13 years of California health plan and provider group auditing experience.
  • Our validation team includes experienced compliance and regulatory affairs managed health care professionals who are well versed in the DMHC methodology and requirements.
  • Health plan clients range from small to large and reflect both full and limited Knox- Keene licensures.

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