Supplemental Data Capture & Review

Supplemental data for quality reporting is used widely and continues to increase. Supplemental data derived from EMRs, HIEs, legacy systems, and other areas are valuable sources of data that help paint the full picture of care and services provided and received by members/patients. However, in order to use supplemental data for HEDIS®, the data must undergo rigorous review and be well documented.

QMetrics’ founder and Principal has been a HEDIS® auditor since 2005 and has performed over 300 audits across the country. Our staff also have extensive experience performing audits and data validation reviews and can assist with ensuring your supplemental data is useable, valid, and audit-ready.

We can assist you with:

  • Assessing supplemental data availability, maintenance, measure-use, and reporting;
  • Determining audit readiness and compliance with standards;
  • Evaluation of code cross-mapping appropriateness;
  • Evaluation of supplemental data impact reports;
  • Identification of gaps, barriers, and areas for improvement;
  • Determination of ROI for each supplemental data source.

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